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After weeks of looking, I finally found the wii fit at CC but they would only sell it in a bundle with two accessories...slightly expensive but ok. For some bizarre reason they decide to ship it in two boxes -- not one for the wii fit and one for the accessories, but 1 accessory and the wii fit and then a second box for another accessory....ok...so I start tracking the packages and they have the exact same information until one arrives -- guess which one?

Yep, the one accessory, in a box that has clearly been opened and then actually retaped with scotch tape! I call CC right away and tell them everything and that I think the other one must have been stolen by their carrier and can they send another one (bc of course this product will take forever to get back into the store). They were not impressed and told me to call back the next day so they could call the carrier. So I call the next day and they tell me they can't call the carrier until 15 days have passed -- even though it is clear what has happened.

So I call the carrier and the carrier looks for two days and then tells me, nope, it's lost. So I call CC again and tell them the carrier says it has been lost and they say, OK, we will pass it along. Two days later I get a call that says that they have investigated and they have to wait the 15 days. So I call again and explain that I have talked to the carrier and they confirmed it is lost...and CC said, we have to wait the 15 days.

So I keep saying, but what about the fact that this product may not be in stock then? Sorry, we have to wait the 15 days. So I wait the 15 days, and call again...and I am told that there is a new case number and that someone should call me right away that day about the issue and the item will be reshipped. Two days later, I call again, and am told that someone will call me right away.

Five days later I get a call saying they have now investigated and the carrier admits that they have lost the item and they no longer have them in stock so they will be issuing me a refund. I am so PISSED!

I will NEVER buy ANYTHING from CC EVER again! Stay Away from CC!

Michelle Pessah

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Savignano Sul Rubicone, Emilia-Romagna, Italy #29196

Whoops -- forgot to say that they are charging me for the one accessory that I received -- so who gets the benefit from all this delaying? Hmmm...CC?

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