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When I called Circuit City about a bad bulb on my big screen TV they couldn't find my warranty in their computer system. I had just moved so I didn't have easy access to my copy.

I went ahead and bought a $214 bulb myself and decided when I found the warranty I would call them. I found the warranty a few months later and when I called they said I could get a refund and not a spare replacement bulb. From the instructions I was given by the Circuit City Consumer Relations Dept. I sent in all of the required info to get the refund.

I called about 5 weeks later to see what the status was and they told me it was declined because they couldn't send me a spare bulb. I told them that I was trying to get a refund and sent in a copy of the receipt where I paid for it. They said I could leave a message for the supervisor and if she decided to reconsider she would call me. I called back a day and a half later and an employee said they declined my requeest again.

I asked to speak to someone again and they would only let me leave another message. No one has called me back. I have tried calling the main and corporate offices and they keep referring me back to the same dept that declined my request.

This has been going on for over 2 weeks.

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