I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely disappointed with Circuit City. I bought a sharp LCD TV seven months ago, recommended by your seller.

The picture went away completely after seven months. "Luckly", I had a warranty. They told me that it would take 2 weeks to be repaired. Shouldn't I get a new one???

What kind of service is that? Shouldn't they tell me that the warranty would not get me a new TV set but it would instead be sent to repair? I'm talking about a 7 month old TV that broke and then I'll have to stay without it for two weeks??

I've called the manager and he gave me attitude. I will never by at or recommend Circuit City again.

The store is in Manhattan at 80th and Broadway 3680

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Ramah, New Mexico, United States #21344

We too have had issues with circuit city. We bought a TV, and the warranty.

Less than 6 months after purchase, the TV would not turn on. We were given a time frame of about 3 weeks for repair. F YOU! Well, after yelling at many people We got someone out in a week.

But it took another week to order the parts to fix it. Anyway, about a year later, the picture tube went. Gone, no picture. They ordered a new tube, and lost it.

Then ordered another tube, replaced the tube, and the picture was all wonky. The HD setting is warped, and still has lines through it. I was told 3 repairs in 3 years and you are entitled a new TV. Well they sent someone else out to look at the picture, and they gave me some BS line how, that the picture cant get any better.

Well it was better when I first bought the thing. That was their way of weaseling out of the 3 repairs policy, they wont even try to fix it again, because then I am due a new TV. They've spent more money on parts and labor screwing around with this thing, than they would have just giving us a new set. Anyway, Circuit City blows.

Avoid them at all costs. They do not honor their warranties, and do everything possible to shuffle you around when they screw up.

Hudson, North Carolina, United States #18714

You're funny.

"Shouldn't they tell me that the warranty would not get me a new TV set but it would instead be sent to repair? "

They can only tell you what IS covered. There are an infinite number of things not covered.

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