my husband bought a demo laptop after which he was informed the password and screensaver had to be changed and should only be a few min. the firedog guy was told and said he had to certify it and it would take at least an hour at which point he went to assist someone else.

he was the only one there. husband left and returned approx 30-45 min later to find him assisting someone else and not working on the purchase. we told him to remove the screensaver and password and we would take care of everything else. the manager informed me that this was only placed on the floor for sale today and they had not had time to fix it prior to the sale.

i do not think the computer should have been placed for sale before being ready or we should have been informed of the situation prior to purchase.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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It's a real disservice to the customer regardless, at circuit city, you can't blame the customer for there own incompetence, you sell the product, you follow up and must be appropriately trained for it.

If management cannot affixiate the proper coverage on the floor, then what?

these so called 'technicians' become guys in green shirts selling computers, which, the customer will listen to because of there certifications and ability. Hmmm..

Thornfield, Missouri, United States #22585

If you want to buy an open box laptop, then don't complain about hoops you have to jump through just to save a couple bucks.

And it's not the Firedog guy's fault you had to wait, it's whoever did the scheduling. Iwish people would stop blaming associates for problems.

The Hammocks, Florida, United States #22260

yep and if you got it home and it did not work what would your post have said? Should have checked it. Can't win for loseing

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